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We’re actually two companies: The Compact Disc Source & The A/V Source.  Complete A/V fulfillment from a reliable, experienced vendor: CD, DVD & LP titles. Even the occasional VHS if you need it!

Serving Public & Academic libraries since 1986 with the following services:

  • Monthly Standing Orders in any format including specialized title selections
  • Approval Programs categorized by manufacturer (label, series), genre or period
  • Regular & expedited rush orders
  • Collection Management (pre-selected lists, collection analyses)
  • OnLine ordering & database title search


References available: Send us an email cdlibrary@aol.com and we’ll reply with a list of actual Librarians you may email / call.

You’ll always talk to a real person when you dial our number: 847 869 9999. 

In addition to commercially available items we stock & source an extensive catalog of import and out-of-print CD, DVD and VHS titles.

Regular Booth attendance at ALA , PLA and MLA conferences – stop by and find out more about us.









































Contact Us   


Email: cdlibrary@aol.com  
Phone: 847 869 9999
Fax: 847 869 9997
Web: www.cdsourceinc.com
Mail Address:

The Compact Disc Source
912-1/2 Sherman Ave
Evanston, IL 60202-1704

Office/Warehouse Hours: 9AM-5PM CST


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Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I get help?
Online help is always available – click “Help” on main toolbar at the top right of any page.


Can’t seem to get things resolved?

Send us an email cdlibrary@aol.com


What’s the optimum screen resolution when using our site?
For the best experience we suggest using 1024 x 768.  Don’t forget you can also adjust font size by using your Internet Explorer’s View a Text size menu (IE toolbar at the top of your screen)


I’m not sure how to get started?
Play with our system!  Go to “My Carts” first to set up a test shopping cart.  Then go to “Catalog Search” and find titles to drop in.  Each page has its own help menu to assist you in getting your order ready.  You can do anything you want (just remember to avoid sending your order until you’re really ready)


What about saving my order as an Excel file?
You can download a list of your purchase orders and their details as an Excel file on your PC for your records and analysis.


Suppose I’m confused about multiple versions of the same title?
Don’t worry.  Pick what you think is close and when you get to “Check Out” you’ll find a comments field.  Send us a note, e.g. “I want the CD only, not CD + DVD” and we’ll ship the correct item.


I can’t find a title in your database.  What then?
Email any requests to cdlibrary@aol.com (you can also fax us at 847 869 9997).  We'll always quote price and availability before shipping.


Can I transfer a cart to another user in my library?
Absolutely.  This feature makes it easy to send carts back and forth to any of your team members.


Is there a quick guide I can print to get me started?
You bet: It’s our CD Source Cheat Sheet.  Download or print at


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